This is one of the main areas of application, thanks to the use of high quality materials, such as methacrylate. Light finds its ideal refracting, reflecting and separating medium in the meshes of the objects produced with this technology, in a flow of brilliant effects. The peculiar features of the materials in the lighting applications are amplified by particular installations, allowing the creation of characteristic effects. Different meshes enhance the form of the random path. This processing is ideal for next­generation light sources such as LEDs.
This is another area of great significance. The Flightflow technology interprets and enhance the creative ideas and design of the products. The use of any available plastic materials sets no limits to the realization of objects of any form thanks to the exploitation of any kind of raw materials and compounds. The possibility to paint the objects, at a later step, allows the research for effects and surface decorations not achievable by the use of plastic materials only.
The realization of each project, starting from a comparison of ideas at the planning stage supported by the know­how finalized to the creation of the desired product, enables our customers to interpret new ideas creatively and innovatively or to reinterpret classical forms in a new view. Custom production is closely related to this technology, since the processing is being studied and developed constantly and is open to the challenges that it will meet. Once the supports have been built and the materials needed have been picked out, each piece, either a unique item or a production model, will carry the same peculiar features of each other piece produced with the Flightflow technology.